August 2, 2014 // Francesco Cirillo

I’m really proud to finally reveal the idea of the book I’ve been working on for the last 5 years.

The idea is simple: Let your product help you to develop itself. Learn to speak Product!

In the beginning this book was intended to explain how effective teams applied metaphors to develop successful software products. Once I had written the first draft, I realized the key concept I was looking for was not methaphor. Reading my own book I realized a new simpler set of concepts which could explain the same successes in a simpler and more powerful way.

I started again from scratch many times and each time the process of writing, reading and rewriting the book kept on helping me to discover a set of simpler and more powerful concepts for developing products and the book itself.

The real key of this book is relationship. And not our relationship with other people, but with a “thing”, our “product in its process of becoming” – this post, for instance.

I had to answer many questions:

  • How could we be in relationship with a “thing”?
  • How could it be possible to create a dialogue with a “thing” – our product?
  • How could such a relationship allow the product to help us to develop itself? And
  • Why does relationship lead to a better internal structure and evolution of the product – so that the more value you need your product to deliver, the less effort it will take you get it?

In fact, the answers to these questions became the basis for two books:

  • Waaaaaah!®” the general approach to Waaaaaah! decision making and Recombining Relational Production® (RRP®), and
  • Waaaaaah! Programming®” which shows how to apply RRP to Software Development.

On Nov 21st we’ll have our first event on “Waaaaaah!” which is aimed at everybody interested in knowing more about the general concepts of RRP.

On Nov 22nd we’ll have our first Workshop on “Waaaaaah! Programming” which is aimed at developers interested in applying RRP to software development.

Looking forward to seeing you there!