The Waaaaaah!® Decision-Making Model Workshop - Session II

How to take effective decisions when faced with uncertainty.

A 1-day workshop with Francesco Cirillo
20.10.2015 // Berlin, Germany


“I realised my whole work day is studded with Waaaaaah!s. Becoming aware of my Waaaaaah!s is the first step to mastering a completely different way of dealing with the continuous line of decisions I have to make in my daily work.” -Marco Testa



I’m really proud to finally reveal the idea of the book I’ve been working on for the last 5 years.


Francesco is a software developer, product manager and industry consultant. He created the Pomodoro Technique and originated the Anti-IF Campaign. He currently runs FC Garage and Programming with Francesco in Berlin. Waaaaaah!® Decision-Making Model, Recombining Relational Production® (RRP®), and Managing Software Development with RRP® are his most recent creation: the culmination of work started in 2008.


Waaaaaah!® Decision Making Model

This book is a personal approach helping you to deal with the uncertainty that often comes alongside decision-making. Whether you're writing a book or developing a piece of software, you have to work your way through a long line of decisions. How can you make your decision-making more productive? This new book will show you how to become more aware of the process involved in taking the next step.

Recombining Relational Production®

RRP is a general approach to producing value based on the idea of applying and developing relationship with the product you're creating. RRP can be applied to any situation involving conceptual production: developing an idea, learning a new skill, writing a book, or prioritising a set of features. Looking for a relationship with your product in its process of becoming helps you help it grow efficiently and sustainably.

Managing Software Development with Recombining Relational Production®

This book demonstrates how RRP can be applied to manage software development. When we look for relationship with the software we're developing, we discover a new approach to designing software. With Decombination® and other relational operations, software development becomes predictable, throughput increases and growth becomes sustainable.


The Pomodoro Technique®

Two million people have already found success using the Pomodoro Technique, and now it's easier than ever to put this time-honored classic to work for you too. This “deceptively simple” time‐management technique will show you how to structure your time, and order your tasks to reach maximum efficiency.


Interested in the new book?